Weight Plates Guide

Weight Plates Guide

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How to chose what plates you buy…

So let’s start this off with the absolute essential. First of all if you have standard 1″ handles, then you can only buy standard 1″ plates. Likewise if you have Olympic Handles, then you can only buy 2″ Olympic plates. Please don’t be silly and get the wrong ones!


Now that I’ve got that out of the way, lets start to think about what you’re looking for from your plates. Are you looking just for use with your dumbbell handles or barbell handles? Or are you looking to get some more use out of them. If you are looking for more use than that, then you’ll want to go for tri-grip plates. Tri-Grip plates have 3 wholes in, which create 3 handles. So you can use the plates on there own for various exercises. But if you’re not bothered too much about that, then you can stick too some solid ones.

Materials & Finishes…

Next up, are you looking for quality or cost-effectiveness? If you’re on the lowest scale, then there’s vinyl plates. I really don’t recommend these, but if you’re really on a budget then they will do the job. But you’ll often find the weights aren’t too accurate. Medium range you’ll be looking at solid cast iron. They’ll come with a metal finish and can be found painted in various colors. But usually they’re black or some form of grey. And top of the scale comes the solid cast-iron plates but that are rubber coated. The rubber coating just provides a more professional finish. Not only that though the rubber coating will provide some protection to the plates and the floor if they’re dropped. Something you may want to consider.


Okay so by now hopefully you know what size fitting you need, what type and what material and finish you desire. So now comes the question how much weight do I need? Well this really isn’t something I can just tell you, If you’re a beginner and unsure I recommend looking at packages. Or head down to your local gym and try out some to see what you can lift. But the problem is some exercise’s you’ll only be able to lift 20lbs, and others 100lbs… So that’s why I recommend you go with a package to get a real variety. Unfortunately I can’t give a defined answer but I hope you’ll be able to decide for yourself easily enough…

What to buy…

Finally I’ll now provide you with direct links to all the options I’ve mentioned above. All links go to amazon.com


Unfortunately as they’re the cheapest option, there isn’t many varieties. But here’s some listings you maybe interested in:

Cast Iron:

So now there’s a few more options. But I’ll provide you with what I think is the best deal available right now;

Standard Sizes:

Olympic Sizes:

Rubber Coated:

As you’re looking at a more premium finish, these are mainly just available for Olympic bars and handles. The reason being that the 2″ Olympic size is higher rated, and so if you’re looking for a high quality finish product, then you’d already have the best bars / handles.

Now it’s always worth baring in mind that there are plenty more manufactures on the market. But I highly recommend amazon.com or amazon.co.uk. They always have the best prices I’ve found from experience and the shipping is usually free. Which is very importatn when buying heavy items. Hope the guide helps!

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