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PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells

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Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells

PowerBlock Sport 9.0 Adjustable Dumbbells Review

In this article I’ll be focusing on the PowerBlock Sport 9.0 adjustable dumbbells. While there are a few variants PowerBlock offer I feel that the Sport 9.0 are a great all rounder. They range from 5-130lbs (with add on) or 50lbs as a starter package. To begin lets take a look at what PowerBlock themselves have too say…

PowerBlock’s Description:

PowerBlock Pin adjustable dumbbells PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells PowerBlock PinThe PowerBlock Sport 9.0 are stage 1 dumbbells that can be expanded in weight to adjust to the current needs of the user. These compact dumbbells are designed to be easier to control and balance and can go from 5lbs to 50lbs, which replaces the need for 16 pairs of standard fixed-weight dumbbells. They feature a patented selector pin system and are equipped with two 2lb ‘adder weights’ that slot inside the handle for micro-incremental training in steps of 1kg per hand. The dumbbells are supplied as a pair and can be expanded to 90lbs per hand using the Stage 2 add on kit.

 Technical Information:

PowerBlock’s aren’t your typical looking dumbbell. The first noticeable thing is the shape, most dumbbells would have just the one PowerBlock Lift adjustable dumbbells PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells PowerBlock Lifthandle connecting each weight but here we see 5 bars (including the handle). The main reason for these is to offer more support, and more precise weight increments. Some people with larger wrists may find this to be an issue, but I haven’t found them to be a problem at all. Now if you’re wondering what mechanism PowerBlock to adjust the weights then here’s the answer. You know the machines at the gym where you simply pull out a pin and put it into the weight you desire? Well that’s the answer. The dumbbells have a patented pin system in place where all you have to do is insert the pin into the correct weight. You then lift the dumbbell and you’re off.

Back to the more precise weight increments. If you deselect all the weights on the dumbbell then you’re able to just lift up the handle on it’s own. Then pulling back the red lever will unlock 2 compartments which both contain a 2lb weight. Of course you can then remove the inner weights to get PowerBlock stand adjustable dumbbells PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells PowerBlock standcloser to the weight you need.

The maximum weight for the sport series is 130lbs per hand! So this one pair really could last you for life. Of course we don’t all require 130lb dumbbells and that’s what I love about the these things. You can buy add-on packs as you require more weight. You don’t need a whole new set of dumbbells!

What are the increments? As there are so many we’ll only go too the starter 50lbs (per dumbbell):

  • 0.25kg / 0.55lbs
  • 1.25kg / 2.75lbs
  • 2.25kg / 5lbs
  • 7kg / 15.5lbs
  • 8kg / 17.5lbs
  • 9kg / 19.85lbs
  • 11.5kg / 25lbs
  • 12.5kg / 25.5lbs
  • 13.5kg / 29.75lbs
  • 16kg / 35.3lbs
  • 17kg / 37.5lbs
  • 18kg / 39.75lbs
  • 20.5kg / 45lbs
  • 21.5kg / 47.4lbs
  • 22.5kg / 49.6 lbs

Conversions are rounded!

My Opinion: inc Pros & Cons:

Lets begin with the obvious, just having 1 pair of fixed weight dumbbells is not enough and you don’t always have the space or the money to go buying every weight you need. PowerBlock claim (and I don’t see any reason at all to disagree with this) that the Sport 9.0 Stage III can replace up too 37 sets of dumbbells which is a huge factor to consider when purchasing a pair of dumbbells. As potentially you could end up buying 10 pairs, or just one pair. And what I find so great is that you can start off at entry level weights, and increase as you go, or if your an experienced lifter then start on stage II or III. So in terms of practicality then I rate them a 10/10.

One thing which also makes these particular dumbbells more practical is that unlike other adjustable dumbbells, when you remove a weight the length of the dumbbell shortens. No body and I mean no body has a use for long dumbbells, they’re about being held in one hand and being able to complete a variety of motions of which you can’t do with a bar. And the PowerBlocks don’t have a large bar as the handle. Having them decrease in size with the weight is something that’s really important with dumbbells.

The pin system is great for easily choosing what you need, but it’s not as quick as the Bowflex Selecttech Serise. Sometimes when inserting the pin in a rush you can accidentally insert it at an angle which can cost you time as it won’t select a correct weight. And when you’re working out sometimes you need to be quick in choosing the next weight.  The square look is a bit our of the ordinary too when you think of dumbbells, they aren’t the prettiest. However I believe that the slower pin system which is only a matter of seconds anyway, and the square look are all acceptable considering how much more practical these things are compared to other adjustable dumbbells.

Common Questions & Costs explained:

What’s the add-ons all about? If you’re only a beginner or you don’t need to lift heavy dumbbells then these come with 3 stages. Conveniently named Stage I, Stage II & Stage III. To save money in the long run you can purchase the dumbbells with stage 2 & 3 included or with just stages 1 & 2. And again with just stage 1. But that doesn’t mean later you can’t add Stage 2 or 3. If you want to jump straight up too the 130lbs lifts then you will need stage 1 & 2 as well. It won’t work by just purchasing stage 3 on it’s own.

How big is the hand opening? Not a common question with dumbbells but as you are aware by now there is an opening. And it measures roughly 10cm x 13cm.

Do the dumbbells come with the stand? Unfortunately no. You have to purchase this separate but they work fine on any surface or even the floor. We’ll be reviewing the stand soon.

So by now you’re probably wondering how much does a single pair of dumbbells that can potentially replace 37 individual pairs cost? Well you’ll be surprised when you consider that those individual 37 pairs could cost you around $14,000! Unfortunately for US Readers we don’t have any links for the Sport Series, but the Elite are Extremely similar and here’s some information on them;

PowerBlock Handles adjustable dumbbells PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells PowerBlock Handles

United Kingdom Costs:

You can purchase a pair from Amazon.co.uk by clicking the links above.

PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells

Additional images:

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Price: $136.52

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