Find all the answers to FAQs of dumbbells right here!

Researching Dumbbells Doesn’t Have To Be Hard…

We understand dumbbells can be a big investment, and there’s lots of places on the web that answer individual questions. What we’ve tried to do here to save you time, is put all the most commonly asked questions and there answers on one page. If you have your own question then ask away either via the contact us page, or through social media!

1. What dumbbells are best for a complete beginner?

For a complete novice, you most likely want to go for a cheap cast iron set. They’re adjustable so you can start light and get heavier. Weight plates are easily purchased both online and in multiple sporting stores. The motion you perform has a big impact on the resistance, so just one set weight won’t be ideal at all.

2. I’m making my own home gym, what dumbbells should I go for?

If you’ve got lots of space and money then by all means splash out on a nice expensive solid set. However if you don’t have that then you may want to look into some adjustable dumbbell brands. They’re  much quicker to change the weight than plate dumbbells, and are neatly stored with there stands or bases. We have pages above for adjustable dumbbells, as well as solid. For a home gym plate dumbbells will do but they will get annoying!

3. Should I go for rubber coated?

This depends on if you’re a heavy lifter, or maybe just a clumsy person. If you’re going to be banging the weights on the floor a lot, or even just knocking together then the rubber coating is a great feature. However if you’re more careful and have a protected floor, then you can save quite a bit of money by going for a chrome or just plain steel finish.

4. Do I really need a pair of dumbbells?

If you want to get fit, yes. Dumbbells have been around for hundreds of years and for good reason. There are so many exercises you can perform with them, you can complete whole workouts with dumbbells alone. Getting that pump at home can be a massively important thing if you can’t make it to the gym. Dumbbells are the one piece of equipment that I personally believe everyone should have in there home.

5. What’s the difference between Olympic & Standard?

The main noticeable difference between Olympic weights and standard weights are the 2 inch whole instead of 1 inch. Olympic weights are used in Olympic lifting, hence the name. As well as pretty much every other competition. They’re higher rated than standard as the 2 inch thickness can support more weight. Any decent commercial gym will use the Olympic Size, and there is a lot more buying options for Olympic rather than standard. However Standard sizes are still highly rated and more affordable. But If you’re planning on lifting real heavy with other equipment such as barbells then Olympic is probably the best choice for you. But for dumbbells, the only thing you really need to consider is if you already own other Olympic size equipment or you plan on investing in it in the future.