Choosing Your First Set Of Dumbbells

Choosing Your First Set Of Dumbbells

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How To Chose Your First Set Of Dumbbells.


So you’re starting to take an interest in your body, and you’re looking at increasing your muscle mass. Or maybe you’re just generally looking to get stronger and more fit. Weight lifting has been around for thousands of years, and it’s certainly something that’s only growing ever more popular.

Dumbbells are the perfect starting point to weight lifting. They’re such a versatile piece of equipment it’s unreal the amount of exercises that you can do with them. There are few things you need to consider when purchasing your first set, but them few things are very important.

What’s Your Budget?

The first thing you’re going to have to consider is how much you want to spend. Now if you’re serious about your purchase then you’ll base this on what you’re looking to achieve. But however if you’re on a low budget then your choices will be limited, but I’ll try my best to help you out.  I’m going to get straight to it now, and tell you what you can get for your money.

Less than $50: If you’re on a low budget then in reality you’re only going to be able to afford some low weight plate dumbbells. There are 2 main types, there’s the cheapest which is vinyl (usually filled with sand) or there’s cast iron. I really don’t recommend vinyl dumbbells at all. The weights can be very inaccurate, and large for how much they weigh. However in saying that $50 won’t get you far in the cast iron market. You’ll be looking at around 40lbs a set, so around 20lbs per dumbbell.

$50-$100: This is a good place to start out, and at this budget then you’ll be able to get some decent cast iron plate dumbbells. Adjustable dumbbells are still out of the question at this point. Plate Dumbbells are adjustable however they just take slightly longer, and require you manually switching plates. In this price range you’ll probably be able to get anywhere between 40lbs-105lbs cast iron pair.

$100-$200: You will start to find some solid dumbbells in this category. While they may look good, I don’t recommend you buy a solid set straight away. The main reason being you’ll be stuck with the same weight. So again here you’re going to be looking for some cast iron plates. But you’ll have more variety in finish for example you could upgrade to some nice chrome finished dumbbells. You will also find that there are now a variety of adjustable dumbbells in this range, but they won’t really go up too much weight. So unless you’re not planning on lifting too heavy I wouldn’t go for adjustable just yet.

$200+: Now you’re going to have to take a big leap here if you’re serious. Adjustable dumbbells are the ultimate dumbbells for home use. Spending around $400 and you’ll be able to get yourself a great pair. I’ll cover this more in the below sections.

Exploring Your Options:

Now that you know what you can afford you can choose from the options below which dumbbells you wish to read more on. As you’ll see from the website there are 3 main types of dumbbells. We have Adjustable dumbbells which allow you to select your weight easily without having to manually change plates. You usually have some kind of mechanism will allow you to select the weight you desire. Solid dumbbells are cast from a single piece of material. Usually Iron, or steel. They can come in a variety of finishes, but as this is a beginners guide we won’t cover them as they’re more for professional or more serious use. And lastly there are plate dumbbells. They’re adjustable, but you have to switch the plates yourself.

Adjustable Dumbbells:

So adjustable dumbbells are designed for user convenience. They work with a mechanism which is usually a dial or a pin system. You just simple select the weight you desire, then lift. They’re usually $400+ for a decent pair. Depending on how much you wish to lift then you might get away with buying a lighter pair. If you’re a teenager for example just starting out but you want a decent set then there are adjustable dumbbells which are about 25lbs each. You’ll be able to purchase these for about $200. If you’re looking to purchase a pair that will last you many years, then you’ll be wanting to go for dumbbells which are later expandable. You can read up on some of these on our reviews page. Here’s a link to all of our Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews.

Plate Dumbbells:

So while they’re adjustable plate dumbbells aren’t designed for user convenience. To adjust the weight you have to usually unscrew a spin lock collar, then manually change the plates.  However they are very affordable and you can add plates as you progress. That means you don’t need to make a big investment straight away. If you’re not looking to spend too much then you’ll be pleased with what options are available. You can either choose to go with the standard 1 inch bars, or the Olympic size 2 inch. I’d recommend sticking to standard unless you’re looking on spending a lot. For dumbbells there’s really not much difference in the two, but it depends if you want to use the same plates for your bars as well. If you don’t however own any other equipment, then for now I’d stick with the standard size. Here’s a link to all of our Plate Dumbbell Reviews.

Solid Dumbbells:

Mainly for commercial use, so not really recommended for your first set. Solid dumbbells are usually made of one solid casting. Or a few welded together, so there’s no changing the weight. As this article is to hope you choose your first pair, I won’t go into much details about these. Your first pair of dumbbells you want to be able to adjust the weight as you’ll be progressing quickly. And some of you may not even know what weights you’re comfortable with yet. Here’s a link to all of our Solid Dumbbell Reviews.


So hopefully now you have a rough idea of the different types out there and there differences. At the end of the day with this one, it is a lot about how much you want to spend, and how serious you are about your purchase. While you don’t necessarily need to make the most expensive purchase for it to be the right one, usually with dumbbells more is better. However you’ll be able to cope just find on a smaller budget if you read up on what you’re buying. So check out our reviews, and the best place to purchase your dumbbells is from or If you choose to visit our store, then you’ll find all of the dumbbells we reviewed there. By adding the dumbbells to your cart you’ll automatically be re-directed to amazon when you click check-out. So if you want to browse the best options without all the junk then that’s my recommendation.

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