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Thanks for reading up on us, we’re glad you’re interested in our site. Founded in 2015 main objective is to provide our visitors like yourself with all the essential information you need when choosing your next pair of dumbbells. We host a wide selection of reviews on all types of dumbbells, and review different brands and models.

About Our Reviews

We are aiming to review hundreds of dumbbells, and dumbbell related products. All our reviews are based on our own experiences and heavy research. The purpose of the reviews are to provide the consumers with real information they might not get from the manufactures. Our aim isn’t to sell you any products, but to help you make the right decision when you choose to do so. Every review is individually written, we have no templates we just try our best to present them to you how we feel is best each individual need. Some products there isn’t much to write about, so we try and over just the main things you need to know. However others we could write a whole essay on, so we try to go into as much detail as we can and answer every query  you may have. If you feel there’s something we can improve in our reviews, then it’s highly welcomed of you to contact us and let us know. Our objective is to help everyone, so if you can help us, it’ll be helping the next person like yourself who visits the site.

About Our Store

So there are lots of places online now to buy your fitness equipment. And some times that’s too much. If you go on websites such as amazon, or eBay you’ll find thousands of listings in complicated categories. Now many of these products are amazing, which is why we do use amazon to power our store. But we feel we’ve broken down those complicated categories, and got rid of the rubbish. So to sum up our store, it’s basically all the great stuff you’ll find on amazon along with the amazing prices. But there’s no junk and no complicated categories. Just use our store to easily find what you want, and once you’re ready to buy them products, you can simply add them to your basket, click check-out and you’ll be taken to or Some products unfortunately are not available in the UK so you may experience issues when checking out if you are a UK user. But it’s always worth a try.

About Our Articles

While primarily a review site, we’re experimenting in branching our and adding a blog to our site. We’ll be posted all fitness related content. Mainly to do with working out at home. Things that relate to the reviews on our site. For example we mainly review dumbbells, so we’ll be blogging a lot about how to work out at home with your dumbbells. This is still a very new feature, so we’ll see how it goes.

Summary Of Us

So there you have it, we’re just a small website targeting people who share the passion of working out at home. We’re aiming to make that easier for yourself by providing you with all the content you could ever need. We don’t push products onto you, we’re here to advise you on what’s best for you. As we are here to help you the contact page is highly visible on the top menu. Feel free to get in touch. Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy the site!

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